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Since 1985, H2 Enterprises has overseen projects ranging from small, property owner reclamations to helping repair the aftermath of the Hayman fire. Regardless of the size of your reclamation needs, we have the experience to make sure it is completed properly. We know that failure to establish vegetation or even planting the wrong seeds can lead to an unsuccessful reclamation. We consider weather, terrain, seeds and more to ensure that we make your reclamation project successful. We are your company to perform your hydroseeding and mulching, hand-seeding, drill seeding, mulching and crimping, aerial mulching, erosion control device installation and maintenance, turbidity mitigation, grading, inlet protection, stream bank stabilization, storm water management, fencing and fence construction, soil preparation, soil testing, soil amendment recommendations, herbicide treatment, certified straw, hay applications, new lawn and pasture care, and much more.

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