Mine Reclamation & Restoration

The team at H2 Enterprises understands the severe impacts mining can have on our environment. While mining is obviously an essential part to our economy, it can cause erosion in the environment, form sinkholes, as well as contaminate groundwater. Mine reclamation is how we keep our environment safe and restore these disturbed areas to the state they were in before the mining took place. This is just another land reclamation service we provide.

Mine Restoration Important to Maintain Environmental Stability

Without proper mine reclamation, we’re not only putting ourselves at risk, but the thousands of other species that inhabit our environment. Tailings, often referred to as mining dumps, are what’s left over after all the valuable resources are extracted from an ore. These tailings often contain heavy metals that have no economic value but are very harmful to aquatic life. Our land reclamation work includes stabilizing these tailings and planting new, fertile soil that saves streams, and preserves fish habitats.

Top Notch Mine Restoration Provided by Reclamation Experts

Our mine restoration plans are put in place before the mining efforts have even begun. The potential environmental impacts of mining are more widely known than they used to be, so proper steps are taken beforehand. In many parts of the world, companies are required to state how their operating area will be restored before they have approval to carry out the mining activities. This is another way for us to ensure we’re leaving the land better than it was before it was altered. It also makes the land reclamation process much smoother, having a designated plan already in place.

Post-Mining Cleanup Services Skillfully Executed by Restoration Team

In some ways, the mine begins to close the day the reclamation process becomes operational. We are always thinking one step ahead, calculating every move we make. Though it’s important to remember that even after a mine has been reclaimed, the work is not yet done. The next step in the process is revegetating the land to allow for floral growth and flourishing. Luckily, we at H2 Enterprises have the ability and the know-how to get this done.

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