Oil & Gas Well Plugging & Well Pad Construction

When a well reaches the end of its life, it’s subject to releasing gasses and fluids that can be harmful to the environment, especially to future generations. Without the proper means necessary, the reclamation process is almost unachievable. Having clean, usable wells is our top priority at H2 Enterprises, and this starts with maintaining the land around them. Our reclamation services range from oil well remediation to well pad construction and restoration. Our company was built on strong family values and a commitment to our great land, and this remains the foundation for our practices today.

Achieving Effective Oil Well Remediation

It’s easy to create new oil fields in open land, but if its possible to revamp oil fields that were once operational in the past, then that’s where we want to start. A lot of our work consists of working on the land around the well. If possible, we try to avoid working on the well itself, but sometimes well plugging is necessary. Well plugging is the process of putting a “cork” on an expired well to ensure it doesn’t release any harmful substances. We make sure the space around the well is safe by leveling land, grading, and recontouring the well pad itself. These steps of reclamation ensure that any effects of oil and gas development on the land are not permanent.

Top Soil Restoration and Preservation

We reclaim thousands of acres per year and continually work on projects with various government entities, pipeline contractors and development groups. Before every project, we make sure to have a written plan that includes everything we want to accomplish. We never begin a job without specific guidelines. If we deem the land around the well operational, then we will begin the revegetation process, defined as replanting and rebuilding the soil of disturbed land. Often, this disturbed land is caused by natural disasters such as wildfires and floods.

Maintaining Strict Standards with Every Job

We pride ourselves on doing our job the correct way, ensuring compliance with our clients and adhering to The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Our employees are trained in these policies and practices and our team conveys these guidelines to our customers before they begin any well pad construction. We maintain quality standards and refuse to do anything that doesn’t comply. We have found that our clients appreciate the integrity with which we operate.

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