Powerline Right-of-Way Clearing

One of the main causes of power interruptions and outages are because of trees and other vegetation getting tangled in power lines. Without proper power line right of way clearing, these outages are much more likely to happen. There are other reasons we have right of ways in place – one of which is to prevent fires in the summertime, as sometimes a single spark is enough to ignite a fire.

Why Are Power Line Right of Ways Important?

Power line right of way clearing is the H2 Enterprises method of making sure this never happens. Our crew would rather begin the land reclamation before a natural disaster, rather than try to salvage charred plants and trees. Right of way clearing is also beneficial to electricians working on power lines during service outages. Without it, the line crew may not be able to locate the problem because of stray branches and leaves, delaying the outage longer than it needs.

We Don’t Underestimate Power line Right of Ways

To date, we at H2 Enterprises have completed more than 6,500 miles of right of way clearing and counting. This includes work with power lines, pipelines and busy roadways. The importance of power line right of way clearing cannot be stressed enough. In some parts of the country, oak trees can grow up to 8 feet in just one year. If these trees happen to encounter a power line, they not only can block service to homes and businesses, but can act as a pathway for an electrical current, putting everyone, as well as wildlife, in danger. We make sure we do our job the right way, so the power lines can do theirs.

Our Right of Way Clearing Services

We make sure to be prepared for all situations when it comes to power line clearing. Most of the time, trees are the cause of power line issues. When we’re pruning trees – or cutting the tree limbs that come in contact with the power lines – we make sure to do this on a planned cycle. We also have custom-built equipment capable of mowing out-of-control plants and shrubs. Generally, trees and shrubs that have a mature life no larger than 10 feet high are allowed to remain in the area, if they don’t restrict access to the power line right of way.

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