Riprap & Rill Erosion Control

Rill Erosion can be detrimental to crops or sacred landscapes. It forms when large amounts of water on the surface transform into deeper, faster-flowing channels. These channels split up the land and tear apart important soil particles. H2 Enterprises has the means and the knowledge to achieve effective rill erosion control, allowing your crops to flourish again. Coming from a farming background, we understand the importance of topsoil in creating long lasting vegetation.

The Importance of Topsoil and Why It’s Needed

Topsoil contains all the essential nutrients needed to grow plants. Without it, it’s almost impossible to grow sustainable crops. This is why rill erosion control is so important. This top layer of soil also acts as a home for many different types of organisms that interact with the minerals in the rocks and fertilize the soil. Channels from rill erosion can form up to 30 centimeters deep into the ground, and increase in velocity the deeper they go. We focus on slowing down the velocity of these streams through means of contour drains and other techniques.

The Process of Mitigating Rill Erosion

There are a few different ways the team at H2 Enterprises can implement rill erosion prevention. Once the erosion has already taken place, it’s important to slow down the velocity of the runoff, because the faster the stream, the more soil that gets lost. We slow down the velocity of the stream by creating contour drains, terrace systems and diverting the path of the streams. Our equipment is built to handle any rill erosion control job.

Riprap Erosion Control Protects from Water Erosion

If you’ve ever played or watched golf, you may have noticed the rock formations that surround the bodies of water on the course. These rock formations, also known as ripraps, are designed to protect the course from water erosion. The rocks act as a barrier to the course, allowing the water to bounce off back into the lake, or slip between the cracks of the rocks. Of course, these are not just used on golf courses. H2 Enterprises has the capability of installing these on everything from large bodies of water to small streams. Riprap erosion control is beneficial in areas susceptible to frequent runoff.

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