Aerial Broadcast Seeding

H2 Enterprises is passionate about being stewards of the earth. We believe it is not only an honor to help lands heal, but also our duty. We use a technique called broadcast seeding for many of our clients. This method is beneficial for a number of scenarios and there are many reasons to utilize it. After a fire, it is often necessary to broadcast seed the affected area. When a field has just been harvested, it’s wise to plant a cover crop. If you want to cultivate native grass where nonnative grass now resides, broadcast seeding could help.

What Broadcast Seeding Methods Exists?

H2 Enterprises accomplishes broadcast seeding through a few ways. The “by hand” method is as simple as it sounds, and the seed is applied manually by our expert staff. This is the least uniform distribution of the seed, and there may be spots that are too dense. Another method we utilize uses machines, either pushed or driven, to apply the seed. The most grandiose way is aerial seeding, which uses airborne means such as a plane, helicopter, or drone to apply the seeds to the soil.

Is Aerial Seeding What You Should Choose?

Aerial seeding took off once veterans came home and piloted planes above crops and farms. This technique is still used today, although it has advanced alongside the technology of the times, and now aerial seeding incorporates the use of things like GPS and closed cockpits. The big advantage of this kind of work is we are able to cover a large area in a short amount of time.

Getting Broadcast Seeding Jobs Done Safely

H2 Enterprises was established in 1985, so we know a thing or two about seeding techniques. For instance, we know that for aerial seeding to be successful, it requires that the top inch to half-inch of soil is moist. Otherwise, the seed can become easy prey to birds and other animals and not work into the soil as it should. H2 Enterprises handles all operations safely, as proven by our track record, so you can count on us to seed from the air.

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