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Seeding that uses mechanized sowing but doesn’t throw the seed is called drill seeding. Such a method was first used by the Babylonians circa 1400 BCE, and then improved upon in the 2nd century by the Chinese, who invented an iron drill with multiple tubes. This invention is credited with allowing China to feed its large population early on and become the catalyst for the idea of drill seeding. In the 19th century in Europe, a seed drill was invented and perfected until a design was come up with that was robust enough for heavy use, and that is what we utilize today.

What is Drill Seeding and How Does it Work?

Counterintuitive to the name, this method doesn’t require the use of an actual drill. What happens is complicated in explanation, but easy to understand in practice. Seeds make their way through a machine, down tubes, and into furrows. The advantage in this technique is that seeds are planted at uniform increments, a set depth, and the furrows are able to be closed over the seeds. Compared to the seeding methods that were used prior, this way allowed farmers to use less seed and harvest a greater yield.

H2 Enterprises Knows Everything about Drill Seeding

This method has long been hailed by farmers to be one of the most beneficial in terms of yield. However, whether or not drill seeding is going to be the best method for your crops truly depends on many factors and specifics of your land. H2 Enterprises has a staff of experts who are happy to come out and inspect your property to decide which method of seeding is going to work well for the land and what exactly you are trying to grow.

Other Benefits of Drill Seeding for Your Property

Seeding with a drill is a way to cultivate weed control from the start. The way the equipment we use arranges the seeds into rows allows for easy mechanical weed control and even easier application of herbicide. We enjoy using this method for land because we know we are then setting it up for success. Our experts will help you understand how drill seeding will help your soil and do the dirty work so you can see results.

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