Imprint Seeding Services

Here at H2 Enterprises, we know the ins and outs of imprint seeding. After being in the business for over three and a half decades, we’ve got a pretty good handle on this modern form of seeding. Imprint seeding is a no-till machine used to help grass cover take root in arid environments. It is designed specifically to aid agricultural development, using technology and methodology that was previously unavailable in the past.

What is Imprint Seeding and What Does it Do?

Imprint seeding is a method of seeding that uses an imprinter. This machine is a big roller that looks as if it is wrapped in a giant-sized sheet of corrugated steel. It leaves behind an imprint that looks like an upside-down triangle with seeds at the bottom. The imprint will last for circa two years, and it not only funnels water to the seeds, it will protect them. This kind of farming offers opportunities for growing grass for grazing that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Imprint Seeding Compared to Other Methods

Imprint seeding has a number of benefits and advantages. Usually, if there isn’t any ground cover in an arid climate, it’s extremely difficult to get grass to grow. Not only are the seeds totally exposed to birds, but the sun is beating down on them full force, so any moisture they encounter soon evaporates and leaves them dry. But when there are impressions made in the ground in the form of small furrows and divots, the seeds have a much better chance of taking root and developing.

Is This Method the Right One for You?

H2 Enterprises will be able to tell if this method of seeding is optimal for your land and crops when we inspect the property. Whether or not it will work well depends on a number of factors that our team of experts can determine fairly quickly and steer you in the right direction. H2 Enterprises also offers what we call custom seeding, a tailored method where we can combine all the methods if need be to fit the land situation exactly as needed.

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