Sub-Soil Decompaction Services

Soil decompaction is necessary for plants to grow, and involves breaking up the soil to improve water flow and root growth, among other benefits. Sub soil is the layer of soil that lies directly under the topsoil, and is comprised of sand, silt, clay, and a mixture of organic matter. Sub soil compaction mostly occurs in areas where moisture is high, and is usually the result of industrial factors. Sometimes the soil can become compacted if it’s too wet to plow or work on in a field.

Soil Decompaction Practices Carried Out Effectively

For sites with sub soil compaction, decompaction measures are necessary to ensure further growth. If the soil is mostly clay or high in moisture, sub soil compaction can be problematic and make it difficult for plants and vegetation to grow effectively. Natural processes can’t always help heavily compacted soil loosen up, at which point you need to turn the experts at H2 Enterprises. We understand exactly how to carry out soil and sub soil decompaction, and do them skillfully and professionally.

Sub Soil Compaction - No Problem for Our Skilled Company

For difficult tasks like sub soil decompaction, you need a highly trained crew to help. At H2 Enterprises, we understand what it takes to effectively perform decompaction services for sub soil and soil. Our crews are trained and experienced in how to help your land. If there’s very little topsoil left, and you want to use sub soil as topsoil, some soil decompaction procedures need to take place. At H2 Enterprises, we specialize in sub soil decompaction services, and would be happy to help you!

The Crew to Turn to for Soil Decompaction Services

Sub soil is situated between topsoil and rock. It’s lighter in color, due to having less organic material embedded than topsoil. It is a valuable source of moisture, but can become compacted and create problems. At H2 Enterprises, we offer sub soil decompaction services. Our crew understands how plant-growth works and that having fertile soil is paramount, whether it be topsoil or sub soil. For any of our land restoration and reclamation services, contact us today to learn more.

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