Construction Cleanup & Dirt Removal

A construction project isn’t over once everything is built, it’s over when the cleanup of the project site is completed. At H2 Enterprises, our construction cleaning services will complete this final step for any project. Our experience and knowledge allow us to safely clean up any kind of construction project with ease and efficiency. We can clean up debris, excess stockpiling and waste, taking them to their pre-designated areas for either disposal or storage.

Construction Cleanup: Debris

A big part of construction cleanup is dealing with the debris. When we remove the debris from the project site, it will be taken to a location off-site that has been previously decided upon. Our construction cleaning service providers will run for the entirety of the project to prevent build up on the project site that can cause problems during the project itself. We will use our expertise to handle the debris both safely and quickly.

Excess Stockpiling: Dirt Removal from the Project Site

Throughout the project, stockpiles will have been built up with salvageable soil material. Most of these stockpiles should have been used in the course of the project, but there is always the possibility that there is excess soil after the project has been completed. In such a case, we can perform dirt removal for the project site. This soil will either be disposed at a predetermined location or stored for use on future projects if the soil material is suitable.

Waste Removal from Your Construction Cleaning Service

Throughout the process of the project, waste materials can and will likely be produced. Waste materials are materials that are unsuitable for use on the site. These waste materials can include such things as deleterious soils and rock deemed unacceptable for parts of the project such as placement or compaction fill. Our experts will take this waste and dispose of it in a location that has previously been decided upon in the safest manner possible.

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