Earthmoving & Site Excavation Services

At H2 Enterprises, part of our responsibilities on the project site is excavation. Using our custom equipment, we will prepare and manage a project site to ensure the project is successful. Beginning with site preparation and dewatering, we always handle entire projects in a safe and efficient manner. The excavation processes will continue throughout the entire project and are essential to its success. Our experience and knowledge allows us to perform these processes efficiently and as safely as possible.

Beginning the Process of Site Excavation: Dewatering

As our earthmoving contractors begin the excavation process, we will start with dewatering. The project site cannot have pools of water everywhere as it can interfere with the normal excavating processes. Our dewatering services begin at the beginning of a project and continue until everything is safe from harm. To do this, we lead the water away from the site to an approved area, often using control grading to keep the water clear of the excavation site.

Stockpiling: A Part of Our Excavating Services

As a part of our site excavation services, we will stockpile the certain materials we have excavated as an earthmoving contractor. The materials we stockpile are divided depending on their possible uses. Some specific uses may include topsoil, backfilling, and creating embankments and fills. The stockpiles will be placed in such a way as to not obstruct the project or access points. Materials not suited for stockpiling will be disposed of as necessary.

Taking Care of Waste Materials: Our Responsibility as an Excavating Contractor

As an excavating contractor, it becomes our responsibility to deal with waste from the project site. This will be done as we go, clearing the project site for proper use. Some waste materials are soils, rocks, and other materials that are deemed unacceptable to be used as fill on the site. We will dispose of these materials in the proper locations that we have predetermined and set for such waste disposal purposes.

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