Site Grading: Earthmover Excavation Services

Very rarely is a project site the proper grade or as level as it needs to be when the work begins. There will be areas that are higher than others and will need to be graded to keep those two spots from being a large drop or potential tripping hazard. As an earthmoving contractor, H2 Enterprises uses excavation and grading techniques to connect these areas in the safest way possible. Site grading results in a site that is smooth and ready for the finishing touches.

Quality Excavation and Grading Services

Excavation, as it applies to grading, will remove as much soil or rock as is necessary to match the appropriate grade. The amount of rock removed depends on the project area, surfaced areas taken to a shallower level than areas that are meant to be for lawns and other plants. Excavation work alone won’t be enough to meet the needed grade requirements. Once an area is excavated, we will use different types of fill to reach the proper grade.

Creating the Proper Grading as an Earthmoving Contractor

When one area is lower than another, we will fill in the area until the appropriate grades are achieved. Before we can add the fill, our earthmoving contractors will check the area for debris subject to rot and pests or corrosion. Once that is done, fill is added to raise the grade to match that of the building. These steps ensure that the grading will remain stable and become a part of the finished project.

Experienced Rough Site Grading Professionals

Site grading is often needed before the project concludes. With rough grading, we can create reasonably smooth areas that are free from irregular surface changes. A finished rough grade won’t necessarily match other grades perfectly, although they will generally be within a half-foot of the needed grade. The grading will be finished by special machines and given consideration for topsoil and sod, depending on the location of the site grading.

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