Site Work: Earthmover Development & Preparation

As a site work contractor, H2 Enterprises uses earthmoving throughout several stages of any given project. Our earthmoving sets the foundation for the rest of the project, creating essentially a blank canvas. We will use our expertise to clear or protect trees and maintain or adjust the proper grading on the project site. When all is said and done, we apply the topsoil again to provide the foundation for a thriving property.

Providing Our Clients With Unrivaled Site Preparation

Before any construction project can truly begin, the site must be prepared. There are many processes that are a part of site preparation. With clearing and grubbing, we will remove trees and plants that aren’t going to remain on the site and any stumps that may be an inconvenience. Another practice we complete is called stripping. With stripping, we will remove the topsoil from the project site and set it aside. As an earthmoving contractor, we know how to properly remove the topsoil and store it for later use.

Ongoing Site Development: Stockpiling

As a part of the ongoing site development, we will take certain materials and stockpile them to use them later in the project. One such item we stockpile is the topsoil we removed at the beginning of the process. We take measures as an earthmoving contractor to ensure that the topsoil is clear of debris and impurities so that it can be used on the property at the end of the project.

Grading the Site and Topsoil Application

One of the functions we perform as a site work contractor during a project is site grading. Grading is when we pack an area with fill to bring it to the same grade as the project. How we accomplish this depends on both the logistics of project and the area the project is located in. Once the project is close to complete, we will apply a layer of topsoil so that it can support any plant and animal life that will be present on the property.

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