Land Clearing & Grading Services

As a part of our contractor services, we at H2 Enterprises handle land clearing and grading. With clearing and grading, we can prepare the project site for construction and create a blank slate. With our grading dirt experience and knowledge, we can safely and efficiently use our clearing and land grading service to begin a project in the right way, laying the best groundwork for it to properly begin and be successful.

Land Clearing and Grubbing

Before any building can truly begin, the land must be prepared. To do this, we will begin by clearing away the trees and plants that aren’t designated to remain and protecting those that are. With the visible trees and shrubs gone, we can move on to a land clearing process called grubbing. Using grubbing, we remove stumps and large roots down to a depth of at least 18 inches below the existing grade.

Dirt Clearing Services: Stripping

In order to clear the land properly for a construction project, we must first strip away the topsoil. Stripping is a type of dirt clearing that is performed once all the brush, grass, weeds, and other such materials are removed from the area. We remove the topsoil and, if it is suitable, stockpile it for later use. Not only does this provide us with topsoil material to potentially use later on in the project, it creates the proper foundation for the project.

Grading Dirt, Soil Grading and Land Grading Services

Land grading and soil grading create the slopes and connected areas of the project site. With dirt grading, we can prevent any sudden or unseemly breaks in the landscape or areas surrounding the building. It can even be used to adjust the area to the trees that are designated to stay on the property. When land grading around a tree, we are careful not to harm the roots as we either have to do trenching to lower the grade of the tree to the surrounding area.

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