Slip, Slope & Landslide Repair Services

When a construction project is to be performed anywhere on or around a slope, there is always going to be the risk that the slope will collapse in one way or another. At H2 Enterprises, we know how to help prevent a landslide from causing significant problems for a project and beyond as the project is finished. We can also repair a landslide whenever it happens and will strengthen the slope to help prevent another slide.

Reasons for Repair

There are several things that may cause a landslide to occur. Earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes are all common causes of landslides and can cause significant amount of additional damages. The nature of the soil effects how it will react to various causes. For instance, rocky areas more likely to slide in an earthquake than soil. Water is a particularly destabilizing force for many types of soil. Whatever the composition of the soil or cause of the slide, our experts will know how to repair and strengthen the slope so that it doesn’t threaten the project site.

The Importance of Drainage

Water can be an especially destructive force when it comes to landslides. If the ground becomes oversaturated with water, it can become heavy, liquified, and the underlying support can be washed away as a result. These reasons are all important factors to consider when planning out the drainage for a slope repair project. Drainage will provide protection for any method that is chosen to handle a slope repair and keep future slides from happening.

Methods of Repair and Stabilization

There are many different methods that can be deployed to repair and stabilize a slope. Each method has different considerations including the steepness of the slope and the composition of the soil. Some methods involve barriers, such as when terraced slopes are created. Other methods use more natural tactics like biotechnical slope stabilization. With this method, we will use plants of varying root depth to strengthen the soil and prevent slippage.

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