Top Soil Replacement & Return

At H2 Enterprises, we know the most effective section of soil is the topsoil. When that layer of nutrients and support is either damaged or missing, we will perform topsoil replacement. When working on a project, we will use appropriate methods for the removal of topsoil in construction and replace it as needed for the specific project. By using our proper practices, we will maintain the health of the soil and everything that depends on it.

What Is Topsoil and Why Is It Important?

The term topsoil refers to the top-most layer of soil, ranging from five to 12 inches deep. The texture can vary depending on the location and intended use of the topsoil. It is the layer that first nourishes and feeds plants, helping them to grow strong and flourish. It can also help with erosion control if managed properly. Our experts know the best ways to manage topsoil and keep it in optimal shape whether it is destined to become a grassy field or a vegetable garden.

Creating New Topsoil and Topsoil Replacement

Sometimes the topsoil that is present is of poor quality. When this happens, we must either perform topsoil replacement or create new topsoil altogether. To create it, we have to make sure it has all of the nutrients it needs, usually by planting and composting a variety of different plants. If the soil is managed properly, it will show changes in the topsoil fairly quickly. Once the topsoil has properly formed, the soil will be ready for further use.

The Removal of Topsoil in Construction and Other Uses

When it comes to construction, topsoil management is a little bit different. The removal of topsoil in construction is used to stockpile the topsoil for use later, either on that particular construction site or at another site down the line. When stockpiling, we must ensure that the soil is in the best condition, which includes being free of debris and other impurities. When the project is nearing completion, we will use spreader equipment to distribute the soil appropriately.

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