Erosion Control Devices: Silt Sock, Straw Wattles, Inlet Protection & Other Erosion Control Products

There are many erosion control devices and methods to keep erosion in check in and around the project site. At H2 Enterprises, we will use our knowledge and experience to determine which methods will be most beneficial for the project. Then we will install and maintain the erosion control products throughout the project to make sure that erosion doesn’t cause problems for the construction project. Our erosion tactics will help to make any project a success.

Water Erosion Control Products

There are a large number of ways to control the erosion and contamination that is caused by water. One such device is a turbidity barrier. This uses a membrane erosion control fabric to prevent soil erosion and contaminant migration in water. Another method for directing water to prevent erosion is a French drain. This system uses underground drain tiles to direct the water to a designated area, sometimes allowing some of the water to seep into the surrounding soil. There are many other water erosion control tactics that we may decide to employ to best manage erosion on any given project.

Soil Erosion Control Devices

To prevent the soil from eroding, we may decide to use mechanically stabilized earth walls to keep things in place and is quickly replacing traditional concrete barriers for projects since they are a lot more versatile. Another tactic we could employ is soil nails. By using soil nails, we can reinforce slopes and prevent the slope from failing. Geotextiles is the third possible method that uses an erosion control fabric to control erosion and improve the soil. Each device is designed to maintain the soil and keep it from eroding way during a project.

Wind and Dust Erosion Control

If there is the possibility of air and water pollution from dust on the project site, we will use dust control methods to mitigate those problems. In addition to the possibility of pollution, dust also represents wind erosion that can cause problems for the project. Some ways we may control the dust on a project site may be misting the soil, silt fences, and using polymer additives. Our experts will determine the most appropriate method for each project site.

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