Installation of Erosion Control Methods & Devices

Once it has been decided which erosion control devices will be used on the project, they will be installed on and around the project site. The erosion control installation will be done properly and promptly which will allow for the project to be protected for its entire duration. The experts at H2 Enterprises know the best ways to install the devices and will use their expertise to make sure everything is stable and well-maintained so that they can keep the project running smoothly and without the need for repairs from erosion.

Installing Water Control Devices

The installation of water control devices varies depending on what type of device it is. For turbidity barriers, the necessary area is determined and the floating membrane that makes up the barrier is anchored to the bottom of the body of water. French drains are installed with a slight slope. Over the course of the slope, they drop about an inch for every ten feet, leading to a predetermined exit point for the drain.

Soil Erosion Control

Soil erosion control installation can be straightforward if you know what you’re doing. To install an MSE wall, our experts will determine the best location for the wall first depending on the needs of the project. Then they will use cranes to put the walls in place, using a special fabric at all joints and along the bottom of the barrier and securing the barriers in place. For soil nails, we drill deep into the earth and place steel bars in those spots. They are then capped, and a plate is placed around them afterwards to create something similar to a retaining wall.

Dust Erosion Control Installation

For dust erosion control devices, we first must determine the needs of the project site. If the solution could be a simple misting, we will use special equipment to water down the area of the project. Should it be decided that a barrier, like a silt fence be put in place, we will first determine the most effective location for the fence. Then, using special equipment, the silt fence will be installed along the designated area, set and ready to help contain the dust that may threaten the project.

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