Construction Site Mat Services

Construction Mat Services We Offer

Construction mats are a great option to protect the wheels and treads of equipment used in utility construction of rights of way. They can be used to create temporary roadways for vehicle access, platforms for crews and equipment to have a stable workplace, and an area to park heavy equipment and trucks, so they do not become stuck in mud after it rains. H2 Enterprises specializes in the installation, removal, replacement and disposal of construction site mats for right or way construction projects.

Construction Site Mats for the Oil and Gas Industry

Construction mats are commonly used in oil and gas rights of way for the creation of temporary roads on uneven terrain, as well as for building platforms. Since safety is a priority for H2 Enterprises, we use these mats to create a surface that is unaffected by weather. When a vehicle has an even surface, it is less likely to become stuck or slide into an object, which would damage the equipment, or worse, injure a worker. These mats also provide secure working platforms for excavation and placing pipes.

Construction Site Mats for Powerlines

Construction mats are useful in right of way construction for the erection of power lines. They provide a secure and level platform for the building equipment while building the towers to support electrical utility lines. H2 Enterprises strives to ensure that our greatest assets, which are our employees, are safe while working. Implementing a construction site mat for them to work on is a small, but vital step, in achieving that goal.

Heavy Equipment Construction Mats

H2 Enterprises offers construction site mats for heavy equipment. These mats help to minimize the impact that your heavy equipment puts onto the soil and surrounding environment of the right of way. They also serve to keep mud from large construction equipment, which in turn saves your employees cleaning time, as well as the effects of dirt build-up in the machinery. Additionally, they serve as an excellent place to park heavy machinery and protect equipment from becoming stuck in the mud after rainstorms.

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