Right-of-Way Field Services

If you are looking for field service along with your utility right of ways, H2 Enterprises will manage the land you have an easement on. We provide mowing of vegetation to keep it at a proper height and provide easy access for maintenance of the utility structures, as well as tree maintenance to ensure that branches do not interfere with power lines or roots with underground pipelines. We will also manage weeds so that they do not spread to the private property, surrounding the right of ways. Furthermore, H2 Enterprises can implement dust-control measures for access roads and open fields recently seeded.

Established Company Provides Land Maintenance, Mowing

It is safe to assume that when a property owner has granted you the right to use their land for your utility infrastructure, they most likely do not want a strip of unkempt land running through their property. We will provide mowing of the grasses we planted in our reclamation procedure – to keep the land under control and easily accessible for maintenance. If there are any trees or shrubs running along the right of away, H2 Enterprises will trim them to ensure they do not interfere with any structures on that right of way.

Team Conducting Weed-Management Services on Rights of Way

As part of our maintenance services of rights of way, H2 Enterprises provides vegetation management. The goal is to keep the land in the easement neat and tidy, as well as in a natural state, free of invasive species. If weeds take over a right of way, they can spread allergy-causing pollens and seeds onto the private property the easement runs through, which could violate some good-neighbor policies present in easement agreements.

Dust-Control Measures Implemented Along Rights of Way

H2 provides dust-control measures for access roads to rights of way, and the time between hydroseeding and germination. Mulching, combined with a tackifier, is an effective method of controlling dust in an open area without a lot of other vegetation or hills to block the wind. Roads are a little more difficult to keep dust from entering the air, because they do not have vegetation to stabilize the soil. We can apply a dust-control spray to bond the top layer of dirt on the road into a flexible crust. If your right of way is not permitted to use a dust-control spray, the use of physical barriers, such as fencing or hay bales, will provide some level of dust control.

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