Right-of-Way Maintenance Services

The land that surrounds a right of way, or ROW, requires as much attention and regulation as the utility’s structures. H2 Enterprises specializes in the reclamation and maintenance of the land bounded by a ROW. Our maintenance services allow the utility companies to focus on their equipment and property owners on their land outside the ROW. From mowing vegetation and trimming trees, to weed management and soil amendments, we have the upkeep of your ROW covered.

Mowing and Trimming Services Available from Reclamation Experts

Regular mowing is a necessary form of maintenance to keep a ROW looking nice and tidy as part of being a good neighbor. Keeping vegetation at a manageable height is necessary for routine and emergency access for maintenance of pipelines and power lines running through the property right of way. H2 Enterprises also provides tree trimming to keep branches from interfering with electrical lines and posing a danger for fire or to the property owner, as well as keeping the electric grid functioning.

Debris Cleanup from Storms Provided by Professionals

When severe weather runs through a property easement, it can bring debris which could affect the look and function of a right of way. H2 Enterprises will manage the debris that collects in a ROW in the wake of a storm as part of our maintenance services. Additionally, heavy rain and even snow can loosen soil and cause the land to shift or erode. We will work to maintain the land bounded by your ROW agreement affected by heavy precipitation.

Skilled Technicians Assist with Weed Management, Fertilization

Weeds are a constant threat in any plot of land, and H2 Enterprises will manage them throughout property rights of way. Not only are they a nuisance and unsightly in the ROW, but they can also spread to neighboring properties and cause friction. Conversely, healthy soil and fertilization are great ways to control weeds because if the grasses and native plants are strong and healthy, they will push out competing weeds. H2 Enterprises will provide the necessary soil amendments and fertilization techniques to promote the health of plants.

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