Right-of-Way Restoration Services

As the demand for energy increases throughout the country, more miles of utility infrastructure are being constructed in rights of way, or ROW, leaving land stripped of vegetation and vulnerable to erosion. H2 Enterprises is focused on restoration of the land along these property easements. We carry out land surveys and soil sampling prior to construction to better understand the land in a ROW to have an informed plan for restoration. Furthermore, we provide seeding to return the land to its natural state, as well as soil stabilization and erosion protection.

Company Provides Land Surveying for Rights of Way Restoration

H2 Enterprises believes the key to a successful right of way restoration is to conduct a thorough soil analysis throughout the entire length or the project. Soil can vary dramatically along a ROW, and conducting a survey before construction will help develop an effective plan to restore the land to its original state. We use drones to survey the land and accurately map the terrain, as well as collect soil samples. Understanding the land and having a detailed plan is crucial for safety, which is our No. 1 priority.

H2 Enterprises Skilled with Seeding, Mulching Services

Planting vegetation is an effective way to restore land after the construction of energy infrastructure in a right of way. H2 Enterprises maintains a fleet of specialized equipment for various seeding methods, including hydroseeding and drill seeding, as well as hand-seeding. As a measure to protect seeds from blowing away or washed out by rain, we provide various types of mulching. Mulch has the added benefit of retaining moisture, which helps the seeds germinate quicker and suppresses weeds, which restores your land sooner.

Soil Stabilization, Erosion Protection Offered by Skilled Contractors

Excavation can disrupt soil to the point that simple seeding is not enough to stabilize the land and protect against erosion. H2 Enterprises uses various techniques and specialized equipment to de-compact soil compressed by heavy construction equipment and stabilize it to a point where vegetation can take root. We also provide stream bank stabilization for ROWs along rivers and creeks and will place erosion control devices in areas where they are most needed.

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