Stone & Rock Crushing Services

It is pretty much impossible to carry out large excavation projects without encountering rocks of all sizes, which provides a logistical problem for utility construction in rights of way, that’s why H2 Enterprises provides rock crushing services. Rock and stone crushing is a service H2 Enterprises offers to assist with handling large rock loads from digging. Breaking down rocks into smaller sizes allows for efficient removal from the right of way. Furthermore, stone crushing provides recycled use for larger rock in the easement from which they came, that otherwise would be taken to a quarry.

Removal Process for Rocks Dug Up During Right of Way Construction

Rock is a major component of soil excavated for the construction of utility lines. Given that these rocks and stones come in varying sizes, it becomes a logistical challenge to remove them from the right of way site. H2 Enterprises is a full-service rock crushing company, and provides these services to break down the rocks dug up during the building of utility structures. In the rock crushing process, stones are broken down into smaller pieces, resulting in less unused space in a hauling truck. Ultimately, this leads to fewer trips to and from the site, which increases efficiency.

Uses for Rocks and Stones After Crushing

There are several ways to reuse the stones on the right of way instead of hauling them to a quarry. One use is for the creation of gravel roads to access the construction site or right of way for maintenance once construction is complete or serve as vehicle tracking control. The rocks and stones, following stone crushing measures, can also be used for backfilling the ditches up to the frost line, which helps keep stresses off the piping and the rock from leaving its natural source.

A Rock Crushing Company Committed to Safety

Given that rock crushing is a service of our company and poses a significant risk to our employees, H2 Enterprises, a rock crushing company, would like to highlight our commitment to safety. We start each day with a general safety meeting, regardless of the experience of the employee. Not only do these meetings ensure our projects are completed effectively, protecting the land and animals, but they also ensure the protection of our most valued assets: our employees. It is our goal to complete every job with zero deaths, injuries, vehicle collisions, as well as environmental accidents.

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