Vehicle Tracking Control Pad

H2 Enterprises provides vehicles tracking control for right of way construction road approaches to protect equipment and roads from mud affecting traction on paved roads. The buildup of mud and rocks on vehicles tires and paved roadways poses a safety concern, and our company places safety as a top priority. Whether you need mud mat construction, tracking pads, shaker racks or wheel washers, H2 Enterprises has the years of experience with specialized equipment to construct effective vehicle tracking pads at right of way egresses.

Construction of Vehicle Tracking Pads a Specialty at H2 Enterprises

Building a vehicle tracking pad requires considerable planning and understanding of the soil at the right of way. H2 Enterprises understands all the variables that need to be considered to provide effective vehicle tracking control. We will ensure that the pad’s width will be enough to accommodate your widest vehicles with rock aggregate large enough to knock mud and soil loose. We place safety as a high priority in our company, so you can rest assured in knowing that our tracking measure will be more than enough to guarantee vehicle safety.

Shaker Racks and Wheel Washers Provide Valuable Services

Another type of vehicle tracking control is shaker racks, which remove caked on mud and stones by causing the truck to bounce or shake as it drives over the rack. These are an added measure to ensure material is removed when rock pads alone are insufficient. In right of way construction cases, where vehicle tracking control is a major concern, wheel washers provide the additional material removal that rock pads and shaker racks cannot. They use pressurized water to remove material from both inside and outside of wheels, combined with a grate to collect what is washed off the vehicle.

Mud Mat Construction Portable Solution for Rights of Way

If your right of way construction project requires a more portable solution for vehicle tracking, H2 Enterprises provide mud mats. Mud mats are also effective for minimizing vehicle tracking after rainstorms of during spring in snowmelt paths where mud patches are localized. We know there are many variables when building utility structures, which is why we are problem-solvers and offer a myriad of solutions to keep your vehicles operating safely.

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