Crop Crimping & Mulching Services

Cover crops need to be terminated at a precise time at the end of a life cycle. A roller crimper is a water-filled drum made with chevron-patterned blades, that attaches to farm machinery to mow plants and cuts off stems to terminate a cover crop. The decimated cover crop then becomes mulch for weed control. From the rear of the tractor, seeds are dropped and covered, and the crop then grows through the mulch. If this is not done correctly, the crop will grow back. The crew at H2 Enterprises knows exactly when to begin and how to execute the mulching and crop crimping process.

Crop Crimping is an Effective Way to Mulch

Crop crimping is a no-till process that’s an environmentally sound, effective facet of mulching service. Crops are terminated using a roller crimper when they reach the flowering stage at the end of the growing cycle, to ensure they will not grow back. The crimping process also helps ensure that weeds won’t spring up when it’s time for a new crop. Combining mulching and roller crimping is a great way to improve your land. Contact H2 Enterprises to learn more about our crimping and mulching services.

Mulching and Roller Crimper Services by Industry Experts

Crop crimping requires the use of a roller crimper and is an environmentally sound way to terminate crops and protect against weeds. The machinery works over crops in one pass, which saves farmers time and energy. H2 Enterprises staff comprises of experts who know all about roller crimper methods, and will effectively terminate old crops so you can begin the process of planting new ones.

Roller Crimper Services Implemented by Seasoned Pros

When a crop is ready for crimping, we take our equipment to your land and begin the process. At the same we are doing crop crimping, new seeds for a fresh crop are laid down. At H2 Enterprises, we understand all of the particulars that go into perfecting your crops. From soil testing and preparation to mulching services, we can revitalize your land for new growth. Call our experts today to see how we can help your land.

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