Mulch & Hydroseeding Tackifier

To assist with our soil restoration services, the team at H2 Enterprises uses hydroseeding and hydromulching tackifiers to increase the likelihood that the spray applications stick to difficult-to-reach or inaccessible areas hundreds of feet from the operator. The addition of a mulch tackifier increases the efficiency of environmental restoration. It does this by the reduction of the number of workers needed to cover a large area, as well as assist in erosion prevention. You can trust that our hydroseeding tackifiers meet our high standards as an environmentally conscious seed adhesive.

Tackifier Utilized in Seeding Procedures

A tackifier is a chemical compound used in the creation of adhesives to increase the stickiness of the adhesive’s surface. They are a common additive in hydroseeding to help the sprayed seed mixture adhere to steep hills and large, difficult-to-reach areas. Tackifiers are also used in hydromulching operations to help straw, pine needles, or other types of mulch adhere to a reseeded area. Tackifiers help keep mulch and seeds from being blown away by wind or washed away by rain.

Tackifiers Assist in Hydroseeding Operations

Plants are necessary to keep soil in place, especially in areas where land elevation changes frequently. Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a water-based seed mixture on hilly landscapes to efficiently and evenly spread seed for restoration. We use a hydroseeding tackifier in our mixture to ensure that the seed mixture adheres to steep hillsides and is not washed away by thunderstorms or heavy winds. You can rest assured knowing that our hydroseeding tackifiers uphold our standard to protect our great land.

Hydromulching Process Aids in Faster Plant Growth

The hydromulching process is a similar to hydroseeding. In the mulching process, a fibrous mulch is added, either into the original seed mixture or as a secondary layer, to provide a cover for the seeds. Mulch assists with moisture retention and promotes faster growth. Adding a mulch tackifier to the hydromulch spray helps the straw, wood fibers, or pine needles stick on top of the seedbed along steep hillsides. In addition to helping adhere to the seed back, hydromulch tackifiers also help protect soil from erosion caused by rain or wind.

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