Cattle Guard Fencing

Growing up on a farm, we learned a thing or two about cattle, particularly keeping cattle out of unwanted areas. If livestock happen to breach a cattle gate, it can be detrimental for a lot of reasons. Not only do cattle guards protect us, our crops, and farm animals, but they keep the cattle away from high-traffic areas. Think of a cattle guard fence as a metal fence that is placed flat on the ground, instead of standing straight up. We have the know-how to install highly effective cattle guards - also known as cattle grates - without putting the lives of cattle in danger.

Installing Reliable Cattle Guards

Our highly capable equipment is built to carry out these types of tasks with ease. Once a depression, or divot, is formed, the cattle guards are ready to be placed on the ground. The guard is made up of a series of tubes or metal pipes with gaps in between them. These gaps are big enough for cattle’s feet to slide through, but not big enough to affect wheels of a car or a human foot. Once the pipes are laid across the depression, they are firmly fixed on either side to assure they don’t move.

What Do Cattle Guards Do?

Most cattle are smart enough to avoid walking over these grates. The simple presence of a cattle grate is usually enough to keep the cattle at bay. In the event cattle do get adventurous and attempt to cross over the guard, they won’t make it very far. Their feet will slide through the gaps in the metal piping, essentially suspending them in the air (Remember, underneath the cattle grates is a divot to allow this to happen).

Ensuring the Safety of You and Your Cattle

At H2 Enterprises, safety is the heart of our culture – it’s what has kept us in business for as long as we have. We ensure that in the development of cattle guard fences we keep this mantra in mind. The very purpose of cattle guards is to prevent cattle from roaming into busy roads and getting severely injured. Although trapped cattle may get scared and confused, their lives are not in danger. In the worst cases, the cattle may suffer a broken leg in the process of removing them from the grate. These cases, however, are rare.

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