Electric Fencing Installations & Enclosures

We at H2 Enterprises are a top-tier electric fence company with some of the most talented employees in the nation. Choosing what type of fence you want for your property can be a tough decision, as they all have advantages and disadvantages. We are here to walk you through that decision and make the process as painless as possible. Whatever route you decide to take, we can take care of it, including the installation of electric fencing.

Why Electric Fencing?

There are several reasons for opting to go with an electric fence instead of a traditional wood fence, barbed wire fence, or some other barricade. First and foremost, electric fences promote the safety of livestock. Rather than running the risk of getting animals tangled with sharp barbed wire, the animals will receive a short jolt of electricity, programming them to stay away from the fence in the future. Additionally, electric fence installation is much easier to accomplish because it eliminates the need to dig holes for fence posts and hammer nails into each post. Lower cost and flexibility are also reasons for choosing H2 Enterprises as your electric fencing company.

Guaranteeing the Safety of Your Livestock

People are often hesitant to reach out to electric fence companies because they worry it will be a dangerous process for the animals to get adjusted to. The reality is, these fences are generally safer for their inhabitants than the alternative. Permanent and temporary electric fences alike act as more of a psychological barrier than a physical one. While first contact with the fence may frighten an animal, there is no long-term damage. The only long-term effect it will have on the animal is to program it to stay away from the fence.

Temporary and Permanent Electric Fencing

If you’d like to reap the benefits of an electric fence, but don’t want to commit to permanent installation, H2 Enterprises can help you out. In addition to large-scale electric fence installation, we also offer temporary electric fences. We understand that not everyone wants to fully commit to permanent electric fence installation around their property. These temporary fences are helpful if you want to create walkways and pathways for directing and organizing livestock, or if you want to give electric fences a “test drive,” so to speak. H2 Enterprises is your most versatile electric fence company.

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