H & Double H Brace Fencing

At H2 Enterprises we love fences, and that means we love H-braces as well. The way that fences hold their integrity so well is the presence of H-brace as anchor points. The way that a H-brace create tension within itself as a unit helps to hold up the rest of the wire attached to it, due to the way physics works to create a synergy of forces—sort of like how triangles are so strong.

H-braces are Crucial to the Health of Fence

Without H-brace, a fence isn’t long for this world. The H-brace is a saving grace for anyone that needs a fence to stand for an extended period. This means that there are no real shortcuts around H-braces, unless those shortcuts include anchoring the wire to an equally sturdy point of contact. An example would be the way some smooth wire fences are anchored into rock—the rocks are obviously sturdy points of contact.

Our Experiences Tells Us When to Deviate

Some wooden posts are better built slightly away from where standard thought would have them placed. Each fence runs a different path, so although universal standards are useful, they are more like rules of thumb. We know where the posts need to go, be they wooden or metal. All our fences benefit from the experiences we’ve had being industry experts for over three and a half decades.

Our H-braces Can Be Wood or Metal

H2 Enterprises has more than one option when it comes to H-braces. We offer both H-braces made of metal or wood. Metal braces will be around for many years and are super heavy duty. Wood posts last a long time as well, but the durability of metal is hard to equal, even when the wood posts are treated. No other team of fencing contractors will keep your best interests in mind like those of H2 Enterprises.

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