Wildlife & Deer Fencing Installation

In some cases, you may need a fence to keep deer or other wildlife away from your property. Coming from a farming background, we know how much of a nuisance deer and other wildlife can be to your crops, livestock, flowers, etc. Not just any fence will do, though. We are also aware of the importance of wildlife friendly fencing, ensuring the animals stay safe. Give us a call to see how we can help you protect your land from those pesky animals without risking their health.

Economically Friendly Wildlife Fencing

Because of the many options at your disposal, we can keep deer away from your property at a very affordable price. For the best combination of sustainability and cost effectiveness, plastic wildlife fencing is probably your best choice. It’s cheaper than wire fencing, more durable than wooden fencing, and less harmful than electric fencing. Of course, the fence you choose is entirely up to you, and all types are effective in their own way.

Styles of Deer Fencing

Believe it or not, there are several types of deer fences. The type we install on your property is solely dependent on the purpose you want it to serve and the location you live in. Deer fences can range from electric, to plastic, to wooden, to wired. Like a lot of things, each style has their own benefits and drawbacks. Wire fencing, for example, has high tensile strength, but is vulnerable to rusting over time. Wood fencing is safe and humane, but is susceptible to rot. Some wildlife fences need to be constructed at a different height than others based on the setting you live in.

Installing While Keeping Wildlife in Mind

At H2 Enterprises, safety is the heart of our culture. This isn’t restricted to just the safety of humans, but the land we live on and its inhabitants as well. As much as wildlife can be a pain to deal with, we want to make sure they stay safe. We’ll make sure there is no loose wiring that could potentially harm deer or wildlife. Wildlife friendly fencing is most effective when its highly visible, easy to navigate, and smooth on both the top and bottom.

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