Dust Control Solutions: Field Service Dust Control & Suppression

At H2 Enterprises, all our dust control solutions are tried and true. We’ve been in business for over three and a half decades and truly care about the earth. We consider it an honor to steward the land and strive for excellence in even the smallest things. Dust suppression is an important part of mining because dust filled air presents hazards to equipment and personnel alike. Adequate dust control is part of a successful operation.

Dust Control Doesn’t Need to be a Headache

There are times that government regulations seem needlessly litigious, but dust control isn’t one of those instances. Although such simple practice as spraying dust generating areas—dirt roads, construction sites, mining operations—with water does help an enormous amount with dust control, it can be hard difficult in real-world application. H2 Enterprises makes dust control easy, we understand how improved visibility means improved safety, and our commitment to safety is paramount.

Dust Suppression is a Key Part of Dust Control Solutions

Dust suppression, although rudimentary on paper, can be tough to solve real-world problem. The dust in the air can clog air filters, increase wear on vehicles, and accelerate contractor fatigue. Dust may be made up of many very tiny particles, but the problems it has the potential to cause are enormous. The solution to these problems may be widespread water application, or it could be a small step of disallowing vehicles to track dust onto adjacent roads.

Control the Dust, but Don’t Let the Dust Control Solutions Control You

Dust must be controlled, legally, but dust control doesn’t have to take up your time. Contractors have so much more to worry about than whether the number of particulates in the air violates the law, or if they’ll get sick from breathing in the air. Contaminants of all kinds must be kept on a tight leash, and dust is no acceptation.

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