Forestry Sector Site Reclamation

Forest reclamation is a noble project. Forests are simply beautiful to visit; a case can’t be made against their natural drawing power. There are many other benefits, for example, farms near healthy forests are said to be as much as 30 percent more productive. Forests help improve the climate by lowing soil temperatures in the summer. They contain a 15 percent higher air humidity because of water evaporation, tree transpiration and precipitation. Forest restoration from otherwise unusable land seems like an easy choice.

Benefits of Adding Trees

Trees store carbon, preserve soils, purify water as well as air, cycle nutrients and nurture a diverse ecosystem. The non-timber benefits are known as “ecosystem services.” Timber benefits include fuel, food and byproducts that can come from dead trees. Erosion can be a real problem in some areas, the tree roots hold the soil in place—a soil made nutrient rich by the fallen and decomposing leaves. A single tree can produce 260 pounds of oxygen in one year, so any tree on your property is worth protecting.

Proper Assessment for Forest Restoration

Our knowledge of soil and agronomic sciences help us with our initial assessment of the land for forest restoration. Our geochemical professionals can analyze any wastewater in order to understand the reactions between a property’s soil and rocks. We can pull soil samples to analyze, as well. We use data and statistical analysis to concoct a plan encompassing borrow material, ground cover and more. Our goal is to create a landscape that looks so natural it appears no one was ever there, including us.

Historic and Modern Site Reclamation

Back in the day, forest reclamation would commence only after a large project like mining, construction or energy development has been completed. The construction could then inadvertently hinder later site reclamation efforts. Lately, the study of site reclamation, technology and science, or RecTech Science, has encouraged forest reclamation efforts to begin at the very beginning of the entire project, which helps build a final reclamation that is more natural to the local habitat. This also ensures that the land-use project has less impact on the environment.

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