Government Sector Site Reclamation

Sometimes when the government vacates a site they have occupied for an extended period, they leave land that needs lots of work in order to become usable again. Currently, considerations for after-use are more common than they once were. At H2 Enterprises, we handle government reclamation, remediation, restoration and more. Site reclamation involves the restoration of the physical disturbances whereas remediation involves restoring the chemical disturbances and restoration involves the re-establishing of plant growth. All are done to create a property that looks like nobody was ever there.

Mining’s Damage to Land

When some of these older government sites were established, they were created without much thought about what would become of the land after operations ceased, even now modern facilities can prove a challenge for site reclamation. The possible remaining contaminants can interfere with the quality of the air, soil, plants, water, animals and humans. The sinkholes, erosion, loss of biodiversity and damage to groundwater and surface water can be repaired so these sites can positively contribute to the local ecosystem.

Government Reclamation Starts With Assessment

A proper assessment is the most important part of a successful site reclamation. Our geochemical experts analyze the existing wastewater. They understand the reactions between the water and the soil and rocks it meets. Our soil experts pull soil samples. We rely the results, and our years of experience in soil and agronomic sciences in order to come up with a series of decisions on borrow material, ground cover and more. Our work is only successful if it is invisible, if it looks like no one was ever there.

Reclamation, Past and Present

Historically, site reclamation is conducted after large land-use disturbances due to energy development, mining, construction and or other large projects. Government reclamation is typically talked about after the initial development, so many steps of the project might hinder reclamation efforts. Much has been written about reclamation, technology and science (RecTech Science) which uses an informed approach to government reclamation, starting in the beginning stages of the overall project. This approach ensures that the site reclamation is more natural and fits local environmental factors.

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