Landfill Site Reclamation

There are regulatory requirements set forth by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission as well as the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that our company must meet during every landfill reclamation project. For example, in one instance, we had to clean up a well pad that was placed on top of a landfill and wasn’t marked. We always do our projects with the interest of nearby residents in mind, the COGCC and CDPHE confirm that we complete the work properly.

A Land’s Life After a Landfill

Most landfills that are non-functioning today were built with no plans for any type of site reclamation in mind. With the wide-open, seemingly endless spaces that were common before the population boom, it didn’t seem to be a concern at the time, only now do we realize the value of these areas and the benefits of reclamation. Landfills must be carefully analyzed for what they are putting out or leaching into the dirt. Landfills don’t have to remain barren eyesores, but our experts can make them disappear.

Assessment Before Land Restoration

The most important part of a successful landfill reclamation project is a comprehensive, accurate assessment, during which a background in agronomic sciences is paramount in this. Our specialists will analyze any wastewater on site, to see where it comes from and how it interacts with the soil and rocks before creating a plan that is statistically the most likely to yield a successful project. They can plan everything, from what to use as borrow material to which material to use as ground cover and much more.

RecTech Science

In the past, construction project managers wouldn’t even consider landfill reclamation until the final steps of the process or even after the build was completed. Often, construction efforts would inadvertently stunt site reclamation efforts later. More and more experts are referring to reclamation, technology and science, or RecTech Science, for site reclamation projects. RecTech Science encourages the landfill reclamation project engineers to be involved from the very beginning of the construction project, resulting in a more natural environment that fits in better with the local habitat and ecosystem.

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