Mining Sector Site Reclamation

Reclamation of land after it has been used for mining can often be an arduous task. Obtaining successful plant growth on a coarse, low organic material can provide a challenge. Over the years, our trained technicians have developed mine and coal mine reclamation strategies that include bio-engineering techniques that can manage highly erosive, steep slopes as well as make amendment selections that bolster both low pH and high metal materials. We implement effective mine reclamation practices to expedite bond release and manage environmental liabilities, let us help you with your mining operation reclamation.

Assessment of the Land

We trust the extensive backgrounds in the agronomic sciences possessed by our geochemical and soil experts as they make their initial assessment of the property for mine reclamation. They will analyze how any standing wastewater interacts with the existing soil and rocks and assemble a plan that is statistically the most likely to work. Our specialists will then carefully consider what should be used as borrow material, what should be the ground cover, and more. We make the landscape appear as if no one was ever there.

Negative Effects of Mining on the Land

Because it can leave such long-lasting scars, reclamation of land following mining operations is essential. Abandoned mines degrade the quality of the land and can interfere with the beneficial qualities of soil, air, plants and water, potentially leading to erosion, sinkholes, a loss of biodiversity, contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water. Erosion of exposed hillsides, mine dumps, tailings dams and resulting siltation of drainages into creeks as well as rivers can significantly negatively impact the surrounding areas.

Modern Site Reclamation Services

Construction for mining and other large-scale projects doesn’t traditionally involve mine or coal mine reclamation discussions until the final stages of fabrication. That meant, even if accidental, construction practices could impede the site reclamation efforts later. Recent studies in reclamation, technology and science, otherwise known as RecTech Science, suggest that site reclamation experts should be involved from the very beginning of construction operations. That way, safeguards can be put in place right away, ensuring a finished project that more naturally fits the local environment.

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