Oil Spill Response

H2 Enterprises is dedicated to improving the environment one day at a time. This includes a wide array of reclamation services, one of which is oil spill response. When oil is spilled into the environment, it releases harmful hydrocarbons that contribute to pollution and ultimately depletes the ozone. Our team has the means necessary to counteract these negative effects of oil spills. If you’re in need of an oil spill response team, reach out to our team right away and we will take care of everything from start to finish.

Effective Soil Monitoring

Being able to monitor the health of soil is one of our areas of expertise. Top soil is essential in farming long lasting crops, but it becomes useless if covered in oil. When dealing with rivers and streams, the objective is to preserve agronomic soil properties of irrigated crops and reduce the effects of coalbed methane (CBM). In 2017, nearly 1 trillion cubic feet of CBM was produced, mainly in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Virginia (American Geosciences Institute).

Our Partners at Duraroot

H2 Enterprises has a slew of sister companies that all focus on their own areas of expertise. One of these companies is Duraroot, an environmental sustainability institution designed to provide site-specific, accurate, and adaptable environmental solutions for their clients. They use soil science as the basis for land management, with the ultimate goal of improving ecosystem services that increase financial, regulatory, and social currency within environmental management. To get in touch with Duraroot, you can visit their website at duraroot.com.

Cost Effective and Efficient Oil Spill Response

In the past, we’ve cleaned up and reclaimed well pads that were placed on top of an old, unmarked landfill. There’s not much we haven’t seen. We’re proud to be in a partnership with Duraroot to mitigate the effects of oil spills on our great land. The folks at Duraroot visit the site in need of an oil spill response, and we come in and execute the plans. With our customized tools and technology, we can guarantee you won’t find another service as effective at the price we set.

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Reach out to H2 Enterprises in Colorado for all your land reclamation services. Our passion for efficiently maintaining land mixed with our unwavering dedication to government standards makes us your best choice for the job, big or small. We offer a wide variety of environmental reclamation and restoration services across several different sectors. Whatever the job calls for, you can count on us putting our best foot forward. Whether you’re ready to start a project, or you simply have questions, feel free to contact us.

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