Culture of Safety

We don’t want our employees hurt, they are a valuable part of our operations and they are just great people. We have protocols in place to ensure the safest possible environment we can create while performing our reclamation projects. We put them through extensive training and include them in every step of the process, so they know what to expect ahead of time. Our safety numbers speak for themselves, zero is a great place to be and we aim to stay there.

Our Safety Process

We maintain a health, safety and environmental process that is essential to ensuring safe working conditions, protection of our employees, assets, land and animals. Our goal for every project is zero deaths, zero injuries, zero vehicle collisions and zero environmental accidents. It is only through those factors that we can strive for 100 percent organizational excellence. An extensive record of “no accidents” doesn’t just happen, it is something we must strive for and maintain every single day.

How We Emphasize Safety

For our employees, we host daily safety meetings to discuss general work permits, job safety analysis (JSA) and audits. We also host job competency skill development sessions and on-site training that includes PEC/ Safeland, PDP mentorship, American Heart Association’s CPR/ first aid and operator qualification certifications. Each February, we host an Annual Safety Day for our employees, followed days later by a Community Safety Day. We believe that knowledge and training are the keys to the safety of our employees, projects and community.

Why Our Employees Stay Safe

We make sure our employees are trained and competent to handle any number of scenarios that might arise, planned or unplanned. Everyone on our crew has the authority to stop work if they feel that a situation is becoming unsafe. That means that any project that is proceeding is being overseen by employees who are 100 percent satisfied that their personal safety is not at risk. After all, who is better to keep our employees safe than our own employees?

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